Healthcare institutions use Wire for their secure and compliant communication needs. With remote patients, protecting patient data and personal records with a unified secure communication and collaboration platform is critical. Boost your healthcare team’s productivity as they allocate more time to inpatient care instead of worrying about a compliant conversation with patients on other unsecured channels.

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Compliant & Secure Communication

  • End-to-End Encryption – All communication in Wire is subject to end-to-end encryption to provide users with a strong degree of privacy and security.
  • GDPR/HIPAA Compliant – Protect your patient records with a fully compliant communication platform.
  • Easy to Use – Use our award-winning application to talk to your patients and provide a smooth user onboarding with minimal disruption.
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Elevate your Collaboration

  • Automate Workflows – Automate your workflows with Wire groups to reduce file transfers and information sharing amongst your internal system and Wire.
  • Secure File Sharing – Wire supports sharing pictures, audio, video, all types of files from all clients.
  • Boost Productivity – With all of your patient records, files, and communication in one centralized secure platform, boost your productivity to take care of your patients.
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Conferencing & Telemedicine

  • Conference Scale – Wire supports up to 100 people on audio calls and 50 people on video conferencing. Conduct conference call with both your colleagues & patients.
  • Remote Secure Interactions – Remote calls make it easy for patients to quickly get care through images, audio, and video.
  • Calendar Integration – Integrate your patient meetings with your Google and Outlook calendars.