SMB - Wire

Small Medium Businesses

Any small-medium business can use Wire to simplify and protect its communications with both internal and external business partners. With Wire’s advanced cryptographic primitives and edge-based encryption, be confident that no one can attack your business. Boost your team’s productivity, whether they are in the office or remote. Wire supports its users with Android, iOS, and Desktop clients.

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Simple & Secure Collaboration

  • Real-time Collaboration – All 1:1 and group conversations whether written, audio, or video can be done within Wire.
  • Privacy-First – With Forward Secrecy and End-to-End Encryption, all user communications are highly secure. No trace of communication on Wire servers.
  • Secure by Default – Wire is secure by default. Users do not have to install other software to establish a secure line of communication.



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Conferencing with your Colleagues

  • Conference Capacity – Wire supports up to 100 people on an audio and 50 on video call.
  • Moderation – Team meetings can be moderated by the group administrators, disabling audio or video allows minimal disruptions.
  • Calendar Integration – Never miss a meeting thanks to tighter integrations with Google and Outlook calendar.



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Security Measures

  • Open Source & Independently Audited – Wire is committed to working with independent security experts to publish regular audits of different components of our app. Wire’s source code is available on GitHub with a GPLv3 license
  • Forward Secrecy – Every message sent within the Wire application has a unique and random key.
  • Data Sovereignty – There is no storage of unencrypted data on Wire servers, all encrypted data is stored in Wire servers located in EU.