Secure Communication for State and Local Government Entities - Wire

Government institutions, state-owned entities, and other public sector teams trust Wire with their communications, ensuring sensitive information remains under their control with the highest level of protection.

Wire’s secure communication, built on edge-based encryption technology, offers a cost-effective solution to protect your organization’s communications from cyber-attacks.

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Security by default

Wire is secure by default, with no need for additional software installation. Users can simply open the Wire application and start messaging or calling with ease.

  • 1:1 and Group Messaging
  • Voice and video conferencing
  • Self-deleting messages
  • Guest rooms and links
  • Secure file exchange
  • Federation private to private
  • Team management console
  • Powerful add ons
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Compliance and Governance – Secure Hold

To safeguard against the inadvertent sharing of sensitive information, it is crucial to monitor data shared within text, files, or conversations, especially when dealing with numerous team members or third parties. Wire provides top-level security by encrypting all messages and files without storing any information. Additionally, Wire offers a surveillance service for administrators to track and record messages for specific users who require monitoring, helping you protect your organization from legal proceedings, such as litigation, government investigations, or Freedom of Information Act requests.

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Organizations commonly rely on email as their primary external communication method. However, email security levels can vary between sender and recipient. To ensure secure and seamless information sharing, Wire allows two separate environments to communicate based on the administrator’s security policy. Messages and files shared between them have the highest security level, akin to internal text sharing, allowing for borderless, secure conversations. External users can be easily invited to a Wire private network account for secure communication