Wire cloud and apps have undergone many software audits and continue to pick up many accreditations that make it safe for Wire deployment on any of your IT infrastructures. Wire is a GDPR compliant, SOC-ready application that your IT admins can deploy on both your private on-premise infrastructure, as well as the Wire-deployed infrastructure.

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Wire is proud to partner with leading security authorities in the world to be compliant with the highest level of security standards. We are persistently working towards a safe rollout of Wire in your infrastructure, adding further accreditations, and being compliant with additional frameworks/requirements.

Below are examples of accreditations we have or are in the process of getting.

  • HIPAA compliance
  • ISO, CCPA, SOX-ready
  • SOC 2 and SOC 3
  • BSI Accreditation
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Swiss-US Privacy Shield

Forward Secrecy

Every message sent within the Wire application has a unique key. Forward secrecy protects every message sent or received on the network transport layer that uses standard SSL/TLS protocols, including OpenSSL.

Identity Provider

With Wire, you can deploy with your IdP (identity provider) or Wire can deliver a lightweight IdP that allows your on-premise users to log into the Wire application. Wire users with an IdP can rely on better authentication and your IT admins can easily manage the life cycle of your users.

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Constant Bitrate Encoding

Security researchers have shown in experiments that variable bitrate encoding (VBR) for audio media streams may leak some information to somebody who has access to the streams despite the encryption of those streams. Wire streams audio with constant bitrate (CBR) by default for conference calls and optionally for 1:1 calls. CBR will reduce the audio quality slightly at the same average bitrate as VBR or use more bandwidth compared to VBR at a similar quality.

Independently Audited & Open Source

Wire is committed to working with independent security experts to publish regular audits of different components of our app. Wire’s source code is open-source and available on GitHub  with a GPLv3 license.

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Private Offline Network Wire Installations

Any Wire installation disconnected from Wire servers and any Wire application used on desktop or mobile phone can be independent of any significant downloads from the server. Once downloaded from a centralized private server, desktop clients are independent of any further connection to the internet.

App Customization

We understand that sometimes you would need to completely disable some aspects of the Wire application based on your security protocols. Wire supports an array of control that allows you to disable file sharing, remove guest links, disable media plugins, etc. Wire in an on-premises installation will also allow you to disable the crash logs sent to the centralized Wire server.