How does Wire help you in times of Crisis?

Wire has built a world-class secure messenger based on edge-based encryption technology that helps your business communication and collaboration be secure. With Wire built on edge based technology, your business continuity planning can be entirely off your networks. Wire is a reliable, standalone business continuity communication and collaboration tool with always-on security and no other involvement of other hardware and software.

Wire aids you in uniformly tackling the threat your business is experiencing in times of uncertainty and chaos. Enable frictionless communication before, during, and after the crisis. The primary measures of effective crisis communications are simple with Wire but they require proactive work to minimize damage. The slower the response, the more damage manifests. Ensure your internal teams get simple, user-friendly, communication products that make them more confident to tackle any crisis that your business faces. We at Wire will ensure safe and secure communications regardless of your network outage or other business-impacting events. We have your back and ensure communications are maintained amongst your crisis team.

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Be Connected Anywhere

With many business communication tools in your tech stack, how do you manage and remember which tool does what and in which scenario, especially in a time of crisis?

Wire keeps your communication tools unified before, during, and after the crisis has passed. Your crisis response team can be contacted, reached reliably, and they can respond on time from wherever they are –whether remote, on vacation, or during the weekend. Wire is set up for asynchronous and real-time communications needs. Still, we also ensure some types of communication get broadcasted with custom bot services designed to meet your needs.

Broadcast Updates with 100% Secrecy

When a business comes under external threat, the response committee is often the prey of leaked communication and collaboration during the response window. The larger the leak, the longer it takes to recover from the threat.

Since Wire is on end-to-end encryption, every communication – whether text, audio, or video, on our platform is encrypted and highly secure. We ensure that devices are verified before any new encrypted communication gets established. Regardless of where the request originates from or what resource it accesses, Zero Trust teaches us to “never trust, always verify.” Every device/user access request is fully authenticated, authorized, and encrypted before granting access. All broadcasts received by authorized members of the crisis team are encrypted and only visible to those team members’ devices.

Bring your Crisis Team Together

Not all crises require the same response team. Various levels of crises are managed by different teams in the organization. How do you manage the need to respond to these crises with their unique requirement?

Wire allows for customized groups as your team grows and team members join or leave the organization. Administrators can choose to get crisis team members set up based on specific needs. Your crisis team can talk to each other and share their plans once they are in the group. Within a click of a button, your team can send texts, share files and call each other in 1:1 or group calls with up to 100 people. Crisis teams can create ad hoc groups to manage tighter action plans and as the need arises, focus on recovery instead of going back to other communication tools, spending critical time switching between devices.

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Notification, Alerting & Monitoring

When a crisis occurs, it’s challenging to track who in your crisis team is working towards your action plan. Viewing a summary of notifications, alerts, and monitoring activities becomes quite chaotic in an already challenging situation.

Wire allows you to configure your alerting bot services to ring past devices or mobile phones set in silent mode. Wire bot services will attempt to contact/ring the phone with a loud ringtone, 3-5 times until the crisis team member can respond to those messages. Moreover, administrators who send the crisis notification can monitor the communication status with detailed reports of sent, notified, and received with explicit acknowledgment from your crisis team. You can set in motion your crisis plan with your team and be in touch with them consistently as you recover from it. Get real-time responses from your crisis team on action items that get addressed by them.

Open Source & Secure

When integrating crisis communication and collaboration workflows, how do organizations trust a third party software provider/tool/product? Will the crisis communication system be compromised?

Wire implemented a security by design approach with security and privacy as core values. Wire is 100% open source with its source code available on GitHub, independently audited, and ISO, CCPA, GDPR, SOX-compliant. Wire has undergone many security audits and we are proud to say that there are no known backdoors in our code that put any organization at risk.

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Enterprise Ready

An organization has many crisis team members to manage. How does an organization manage its team members as internal staff gets pulled in and out of the crisis?

Wire is an enterprise-grade offering user management integration with your identity provider and internal access management software. With a single smooth sign-on, your internal crisis management team can log into Wire and immediately get started. There is no need for a VPN or other technical setup required for a crisis member to tackle the crisis and start communicating; Wire is secure by default in any action that takes place while managing the situation.

Compliance and Testing

Testing your crisis readiness is as important as testing your building fire-readiness – its cadence needs to be set on an annual basis.

Wire provides best practices processes for testing and validating crisis readiness reported regularly to the board of directors or executives. Wire guarantees smooth and easy crisis fire drills, ensuring fire drill practices based on your company policies and certifying these back to your executive/leadership team.

Pre-Crisis Management

Preparation is key for many aspects in life, especially when talking about extreme cases when a cool and logical mindset is needed.  As a business continuity manager, you want to be prepared for extreme cases upfront so when the crisis happens, it can be fixed as fast as possible with as little effort or room for mistakes as possible. 

Secure Alert gives you the ability to prepare for any situation. So when the crisis happens you have a specific plan already made and a designated solution to launch.

Crisis Management

Real-time management of crisis and extreme events is hard. Managers in charge will need to face the extreme situation not only from the emotional aspect but also in the functionality aspect to make good decisions that can affect people’s lives. As a business continuity manager, managing a crisis or an event that needs special attention with ease is as important as being able to make decisions based on logic and not give the extreme circumstances an effect on the matter. 

Secure Alert gives you the ability to manage any situation effectively and to have the ability to respond in real time to any new data or development in the situation.