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Security experts within governments and enterprises are increasingly aware of the dangers that stem from the loss of control over personal information, the imposition of government and corporate surveillance and the erosion of the democratic process. At the same time, malicious actors are increasingly developing more sophisticated methods to steal, exploit, ransom, and ultimately control users’ data. Moreover, while privacy is a fundamental right, current communication tools either are not built with data privacy in mind or actively farm user data to then sell to third parties. 

We at Wire understand that customers want to take back their digital freedom by using services that allow them to be anonymous and maintain their privacy. For some industries, maintaining personal privacy is a matter of life or death, as in the case of protecting vulnerable populations from persecution. For others, it is a simple philosophy of owning and controlling access to their personal data. Whether it’s individuals, government agencies, NGOs, healthcare providers, financial services, or technology companies – everyone has a right to control what information they share.

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Built with privacy by default

Situation – today, business operations and processes are so dependent on technology, how can organizations safely communicate? For example, protecting against Man-In-The Middle (MITM) attacks. Malicious attackers intercept messages moving through your network to steal sensitive information or tamper with messages sent to recipients.

Solution – Wire’s architecture is based on zero-trust architecture (never trust, always verify) and always on end-to-end encryption (E2EE). This means that each device and user access request is fully authenticated, authorized, and encrypted before granting access. Every time you send a message or share a file through Wire, the information is encrypted. The sending client needs to have a cryptographic session with every client it wants to send a message. As an added layer, organizations can choose between Proteus or our MLS messaging architecture to further protect their communications. Our team management console gives additional access control. Admins can manage, disable, and block users, devices, and general settings such as Search for Users.

Transparency and control

Situation – organizations rely on various tools for their day-to-day operations, but they have little to no visibility over what data the service provider can see, what data is being collected, and how it’s being used. How can organizations prevent the commoditization of their information?

Solution – Wire’s technology is open-sourced available on GitHub with a GPLv3 license. We regularly publish security audits, conducted by 3rd-party security experts. Our customers can see what metadata we collect, why we collect it, and how we use it. Wire can’t access user’s contact details or other sensitive information.

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Protecting Personally Identifiable data

Situation – many people need the highest level of secrecy in their messaging. For people like whistleblowers, journalists, activists, and other vulnerable populations – a data breach can hurt their livelihoods or put their lives at risk.

Solution – Wire is compliant and certified by various bodies or is in the process of becoming certified, such as: GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, and CCPA to name a few. We meet these rigorous standards because of our forward secrecy. Every message sent in Wire has a unique key, only the sending client and receiving client have access to that key. We built the Wire app in a way to ensure that even we do not have access to your messages. Our forward secrecy works on the network transport layer, using the standard SSL/TLS and OpenSSL protocols.

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Easy to use

Situation – practicality is important. Even the best communication tools are useless if they can’t be easily implemented and used by the average person.

Solution – Wire offers simple instructional videos and PDFs on how to use and set-up Wire, tailored explicitly for non-technical audiences. We’re constantly updating our support center.

Talk to one of our experts and learn more about how Wire protects your organization and teammates personal information.