We know how important it is to be secure, while also efficient and productive. Bring your team together with Wire and easily collaborate with both internal members and guests – whether in the office, at home, or anywhere else.

We help protect your business, its employees, and whoever communicates via Wire be safe and stay secure. With Secure Messenger, you and your colleagues can send messages, share files and call each other as you would with any other communication tool. Wire Secure Messenger is 100% secure, users love the simplicity of the messenger. Wire is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

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Remote & Mobile Workforce

In the current remote world, how do you ensure consistent, secure, and real-time communication with your team members?

Empower your employees to work more securely anywhere and on any device of their choice. Wire Secure Messenger allows your team members to text, share files and call each other with a click of a button. Wire supports many platforms, including Android, iOS for tablets and mobile phones. Each user on every device gets authenticated and authorized regardless of the network they are accessing through their device. Stay connected wherever you are, and guaranteed security without the hassle of additional security measures before communicating.

Increasing Costs in Security Training & Maintenance

The wider geographical footprint of the organization, staff training on security measures, and increased infrastructure costs, all contribute to the ever-increasing cybersecurity spending.

With Wire, you don’t have to worry about training users for added security. All users are secure by default. Users do not have to install other software to establish a secured line of communication. Like any other application that gets utilized on a users’ device, they just need to open the Wire application and send a message or call someone. It’s that simple, we promise. With no additional hardware to be installed, this translates to reduced costs for maintenance and internal IT personnel costs.

Inviting External & Guest Users

Every company interacts with external vendors, customers, and others who are not part of the organization. How do you make external communication secure and reduce misuse of information shared?

Wire allows the organization to manage its external communication in two ways:

  • First, guest users who are temporarily available to chat within a group cannot reach out to other members of the organization. These guests once removed, still have a valid Wire account (if they have registered for a Wire-Free account). Guests could however join the conversation (based on a guest link) on their desktop with temporary guest access valid for 24 hours.
  • Second, externals have the ability to view and search for all team members within an organization but cannot create groups and do other administrative functions. External users, once removed from the team management page, are forever removed from the team.
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Moderating Participants

When participation in a conference call becomes noisy with more than 20 people, it is often hard to reduce the number of disruptions either via voice, video, or screen-sharing.

Wire offers the function to reduce noise and disruption via removing participants from the conference or conversation. Soft muting participants, disabling video, and disabling screen share by moderators allows for a smoother conference experience.

Workflow and Calendar Integration

With large conferences and meetings to be scheduled, it’s often hard to get everyone participating in your conference.

With enabled services liked Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar integrations, you can make group conferencing simple and effective. Get all participants to attend the meeting with clear and loud ringtones when the conference call has been initiated. Create meetings with group conversation links where the call participants can join the conference on time and as per schedule.

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Presentations and Working Together

Collaboration starts with working together. Share your screen while pair programming, editing a document, or presenting key information to your conference participants.

Presenting with Wire Conferencing enables you to share your entire screen or parts of your screen to protect your screen privacy. Allow participants to maximize their screen with a single tap and zoom in/out of the content that is being shared with you on mobile or desktop. As you present, send important feedback into the group chat so that your meeting participants can see the file or presentation at their own convenience.

Sharing Files during Video Conferencing

Today’s conferencing tools do not allow for free flow collaboration with files, makes it harder for team members to exchange information as they are talking to each other. With more context switching between email and communication tools, conferencing participants get major fatigue. Moreover, once the conference is done, these files are not to be found.

Wire allows conferencing within group chats as you create a group and initiate a call. Audio/video conferencing participants continue to exchange chat and files. Once the conference call is done, team members can always look back at the history of the group chat to look up files, texts, and whatever important information was shared.