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Handy in Hand

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Use Wire Secure Messenger on up to 8 Devices to secure your sensitive communication - encrypted at any time

1)  Android APK-details

Latest version

4.4.0 (19th October, 2023)

Get from Play Store  Get from Github

Certificate fingerprint (SHA256)

2) Windows app download details

Latest version
3.33.4459 (16th May, 2023)


Certificate fingerprint (SHA1)

File checksum (SHA256)

 3) Linux download details

Experimental binary

Latest version
3.30.3016 (December 20th, 2022)


Ubuntu (64bit) AppImage (64bit)  Install via Debian repository 

Source Code

Wire's code is open source and available on GitHub for anyone to verify.


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The industry leading Wire Messenger combines unmatched security, privacy and usability. Thoroughly tested and loved by the most demanding organizations world wide.

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