Secure and Crisis Communication for Critical Infrastructure Providers - Wire

How does Wire help critical industry organizations during their confidential and crisis communications?

Wire’s secure communication solutions prioritize the continuity of critical operations. Our edge-based encryption technology ensures always-on security for frictionless communication before, during, and after a crisis. We offer a user-friendly communication channel and alerting solution to streamline day-to-day conversations and manage critical situations, safeguarding your communications’ confidentiality and security during network outages and other business-impacting events.

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Broadcast Updates with 100% Secrecy

  • Secure Alert – simplifies all forms of broadcasting – from sharing news, and incident reporting, to crisis management – all from any device, 24/7.
  • Always Connected – When sending and receiving alerts, all team members are notified on all of their devices, mobile and desktop.
  • End-to-End Encryption – All communication in Wire is subject to end-to-end encryption to provide users with a strong degree of privacy and security.
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Notification, Alerting & Monitoring

Wire’s alerting bot services can ring devices on silent mode until the crisis team member responds. Administrators can monitor communication status with detailed reports, including sent, notified, and received messages. With Wire, you can quickly execute your crisis plan, keep in touch with your team, and get real-time responses on action items.

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Crisis Management

Preparation is key for managing unexpected crises. It involves emotional and functional decision-making that can impact people’s lives.


Secure Alert enables you to prepare for any situation. This way, when a crisis happens you already have a specific plan in place and a designated solution to launch.

During Crisis

Secure Alert gives you the ability to manage any situation effectively and to have the capability to respond in real-time to any new data or development in a given situation.