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Secure team messaging

Everything on Wire is secured with end-to-end encryption — chats, calls and shared files. Even we at Wire can’t see what’s being said and sent.

With headquarters in Switzerland and servers in the European Union, Wire is the best choice for businesses that value security and privacy.

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30-day free trial. No credit card required.

Works on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, and in browsers.

Protected group chats

Wire is flexible — start one-to-one conversations, set up groups for projects and teams, or invite guests. Mute noisy channels and keep the list clean by archiving old ones.

Conversations, files and pictures stay in sync between your phone and computer — and everything is protected with end-to-end encryption.

Crystal clear calls

Enjoy encrypted conference calls with up to 10 people. A virtual stereo effect helps you better understand who’s talking. Share your screen in one-to-one and group calls.

Built by the original audio engineers from Skype.

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Text and visual search

There’s no need to compromise productivity for maximum security. Wire lets you search encrypted content and jump right in to the context.

Quickly find photos, videos, links and files in a conversation with visual search.

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Team communication comparison

End-to-end encrypted
Open source
Secure group calls
Secure screen sharing
Secure file sharing
Team admin
Cloud-based email Skype for Business Microsoft Teams Slack Threema Work Signal WhatsApp

Secure = Everything secured with end-to-end encryption.


Wire is free for personal use. To start using Wire with your team, select one of our paid plans.


Team admin, user management

First reply time within 24h on workdays

30-day free trial

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per user per month
with annual billing.

6€ when billed monthly.


Self-hosted server

Integration API


Premium support



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Secure chats

1:1 and groups up to 128
Mute, archive or delete
Edit and delete messages

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Secure voice and video calls

Crystal clear quality
Group calls with 10 people
Screen sharing 1:1 and groups

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Secure file sharing

All file types supported
PDFs, doc, xls and more
Browse shared files

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Synced between devices

Available for all major platforms
Log in on up to 8 devices
Chats and files always in sync


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Rich conversations

Pictures, GIFs and likes
Link previews, embedded YouTube videos
Sketch on photos

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Voice and video messages

Easy to send
Optimized file sizes
Audio filters for voice messages

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Timed messages

Self-destruct when timer runs out
Perfect for sharing sensitive data
Works for pictures and files too

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End-to-end encrypted

All content always encrypted
No access by third parties
No access by Wire

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Team admin

Add and remove people
Assign admin rights
Invite guests to specific chats

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Self hosting (coming in 2018)

Host Wire on your server
Own all the user data
Federation as an option

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teams-feature-small-swissCreated with Sketch.

Swiss-based, EU-hosted

Regulated by European laws
Hosted in the European Union
Developed in Berlin

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Audited and open source

Open source
Code available on GitHub
Independent security audit available

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No ads, no profiling

Free of advertising
User data isn’t shared or sold
Funded by premium features

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Privacy by design

No contact sharing required
No phone number required
Sign up with email

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