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Simply the most Secure Messenger

The most demanding organizations in the world rely on Wire with its always-on encryption for chats, voice and video conferences

Provides 100% Digital Sovereignty

You always have control over your data – even in large group chats

Used by Most G7 Countries

All communications are seamlessly encrypted across all platforms

Compliance for official Communications

Used for official confidential communications in Germany

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Advanced Analytics

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 Why Choose Wire

Zero-Knowledge Security


Private communication stays private. Even Wire can’t access message content, making a significant contribution to maximum data security.

Wire Federation

Taking security to the next level. The Federation option lets you control the interconnection of separate Wire instances to maintain complete data sovereignty.

Messaging Layer Security

We co-developed it. Wire is based on the world’s first open protocol for end-to-end encrypted communication in real time.

Up to 100 Participants

Only available from Wire: secure audio and video conferences for large groups are really easy to set up.

Text, Audio, Video, Files

The most secure communication platform. Wire provides cross-platform encryption with applications for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

We enable the top-security communications for some of the world’s most demanding organizations

Governments, defense facilities, and critical infrastructure providers rely on Wire to communicate securely while complying with the latest regulations – because it’s flexible and simple, even in complex international structures.


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