The team behind Wire.

Wire’s vision is to provide secure messaging for everyone. Businesses and other organisations can be confident their communication is secure from prying eyes. And friends and family can talk freely without sacrificing their privacy.

Building with experience

We are a European company with over 50 employees from 23 nationalities and a wide range of backgrounds. Our people have previously worked at companies like Skype, IBM, Telio, Cisco, Fjord, SoundCloud, and Gameloft.

Many in our team worked at Skype in the early days, helping to change the telecom landscape, and contributing to real-time communication technologies that became WebRTC — which now powers tools used daily by hundreds of millions of people.

Building on that foundation, we’re ready to revolutionize secure messaging.

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Key people

Alan Duric · Co-founder, CEO

Alan Duric is an experienced entrepreneur with a strong background in real-time communications. He’s the co-founder and CTO of Telio Holding ASA that is now listed on the Oslo stock exchange, and Camino Networks, which was acquired by Skype/eBay. Alan is an early pioneer of VoIP technologies and a driving force in the standardization of the speech codecs that led to the WebRTC standard, which revolutionized how real-time communication products are built today.

Janus Friis

Janus is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He’s the co-founder of Kazaa, Skype and Starship Technologies. Janus is an investor in Wire via Iconical.


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