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Empowering organizations to take ownership of their data and protect digital assets

Our secure communication solutions use edge computing and Zero-Trust architecture to provide robust security against cyber-attacks and data privacy breaches. With end-to-end encryption, all messaging, conferencing, and file exchange is inaccessible to anyone, including Wire. Additionally, Wire is 100% open-source, has been audited independently, and is compliant with ISO, CCPA, GDPR, and SOX.

Founded in 2012 by some of the founders of Skype, Wire started a secure messaging platform for end consumers and expanded to the B2B and B2G space in 2017, responding to the growing need for secure communications within organizations and governments worldwide.

Most of the world’s G7 governments trust Wire to protect their communications

Wire’s solutions are used by privacy-focused organizations around the world, from large enterprises to government and public sector entities – including five of the world’s G7 governments- to protect their mission-critical information and facilitate smooth collaboration.

Our Executive Team

Our Office Locations

Wire is operating from three office locations:

Our headquarters in Berlin, Germany

Rosenthaler Straße 41, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Our office in Zug, Switzerland

Untermüli 9, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Our representative office in San Francisco, USA

650 California Street, CA 94108 San Francisco, USA

Wire is at the forefront of new technologies like Messaging Security Layer, for interoperability between messenger services.

Messaging Layer Security (MLS), which is a standard developed jointly by Wire and the IETF, has the potential to enhance interoperability across various messaging platforms. MLS is scheduled to be released as an IETF standard soon and will offer a consistent technical foundation for end-to-end encrypted communication. Since 2016, Wire has been driving the standardization process and has remained a committed participant in the working group.

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