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The most secure collaboration.

Wire Basic

For basic team communications and collaboration needs.

  • Zero Trust - Cloud
  • Messaging
  • Team Management
  • Up to 5 users
  • Upgrades to Enterprise

Wire for Enterprise From $7.65

For teams needing group conferencing and team management.

  • Zero Trust - Cloud
  • Messaging and Conferencing
  • Team Management
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Add-ons available
  • Integrations
  • Customer Support

Wire for Government

For organizations and governments requiring the highest level of data security and control.

  • Zero Trust - Data Sovereign
  • Messaging and Conferencing
  • Team Management
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Federation
  • Dedicated Customer Success

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Wire Basic

Wire Basic is our messaging product for small organizations or single person consulting firms – it allows you to have the world’s leading security and privacy platform.

Wire for Enterprise

Wire for Enterprise – our cloud product serving the majority of the market – with full messaging, file and screen sharing, calling and conferencing facilities – this serves the need from SMBs to the largest Enterprises – manage your team from the team management console or integrate with identity management or provisioning solutions for integrated user management. All based on our zero trust architecture.

Wire for Government

Wire for Government – our on-premise solution for the most demanding security first organizations – governments, state administrations, NGOs, critical industries and Fortune1000 companies where zero trust is a mandate. Available with all the features of Wire Enterprise and with the ability to be deployed in open or air-gapped environments and full customization options. Scalable to 100s of thousands of users – this is unrivalled security and privacy ready for the age of quantum resistance.

Speak to sales to understand which package is right for your or start using Wire Basic.


Most Popular Add-On Solutions

Turn your Wire Enterprise into a business continuity platform, a federated solution, or a secure compliance platform with add-on modules and get more from Wire than messaging and conference calling.

Secure Alert

Turn your Wire Enterprise into a Business Continuity Platform and out-of-band messenger - the backup communication channel protects you if hackers take control of your network.


Wire Federation allows communication and collaboration between two restricted Wire setups. If your organization decides to separate users into multiple installments of Wire backends, Wire Federation will enable you to collaborate between those backends.

Legal Hold

Extend Wire with our compliance module and integrate with your legal hold solution to deliver compliance for i.e. financial advisory services. Available for our on premise Wire products.

Learn about your options or how these use cases could be applied to your business.


Included in all packages

Outstanding Usability

Zero Trust Security Model

Market Leader


Which payment methods are supported?

You can pay by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. For orders of 50 or more seats on biennial contracts we also offer payments via invoice.

What plans are available?

Wire offers the following options: Wire Basic, Wire for Enterprise and Wire for Governments. The price for Wire for Enterprise is $7.65 per user/month for annual payment or $9 per user/month for monthly payment. Enterprise customers also have the option to sign a 2-year contract (minimum 50 users).

How can I upgrade to Wire for Enterprise?

In order to use more features for your team, you have as a team owner the option to upgrade easily to Wire for Enterprise.