Security & Privacy

Secured with end‑to‑end encryption.
Protected by European privacy laws.

End-to-end encrypted

Everything on Wire is secured with end-to-end encryption — text chats, conference calls, files.

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Independently audited

Wire is the most extensively publicly audited collaboration and communication software on the market.

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Multi-device messaging

One account works on up to 8 devices.
Messages are encrypted for each device.

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Trusted conversations

Verify each conversation partner’s device fingerprints for maximum security.

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Forward and backward secrecy

New encryption keys are used for each message, so a compromised key has minimal impact.

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Open source

Wire’s source code is available on GitHub for anyone to verify, modify and improve.

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Technical overview

Text messages and pictures use the Proteus protocol for end-to-end encryption. Proteus is based on the Axolotl ratchet and pre-keys that are optimized for mobile and multi-device messaging.

Voice and video calls use the WebRTC standard. More precisely, DTLS and KASE are used for key negotiation and authentication and SRTP is used for encrypted media transport. This means that voice calls are end-to-end encrypted with perfect forward secrecy enabled without compromising HD call quality.

Wire’s encryption works transparently in the background and doesn’t need to be activated — it’s always on. There’s no need to compromise security for usability or settle for missing features. Wire keeps everything private while avoiding the complexity that is common to other secure messengers.

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  • Swiss headquarters, EU servers
    Fully compliant with the strict data protection laws in Switzerland and the European Union.
  • Simple Privacy Policy
    We put privacy in simple terms that are easy for anyone to understand — not just for lawyers.
  • No advertising
    No ads, no banners, no popups, no takeovers — none of that nonsense.
  • Detailed privacy white paper
    We’re transparent about the data we collect, and what we use it for.
  • No profiling
    Wire does not sell analytics or usage data to advertising companies or anyone else.
  • No phone number required
    Register with an email address and share a unique @username to connect with others.

Wire is not in the business of collecting or selling data

We store only the data we need to make sure your conversations stay in sync across devices, to detect fraud and spam, and to troubleshoot customer issues.

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Independent security audits

Wire is committed to working with independent security experts to publish regular audits of different components of our app.

iOS client review
Kudelski Security and X41 D-Sec, March, 2018

Android client review
Kudelski Security and X41 D-Sec, March, 2018

Web application, calling review
Kudelski Security and X41 D-Sec, March, 2018

Protocol implementation review
Kudelski Security and X41 D-Sec, February, 2017

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