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Introducing new and improved calling buttons

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15 September 2021

Wire, we constantly strive to provide the most advanced security and superior user experience. We understand how important it is to be efficient and productive, and how an intuitive design contributes to that. We are happy to introduce significant improvements to the buttons you see in Wire calls — making it easier for you to […]

Join the conversation with a group link

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13 July 2021

Some group conversations are better left private, while others need more people and easy access to the group for different purposes. With the growing need to invite your teammates and guests to your group conversations, group links make it easier for others to join the conversation. Instead of adding group participant names one by one, […]

Introducing a new Team management console

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18 June 2021

With Fortune 500 companies and governmental institutions using Wire, we redesigned the Team management console to help Wire admins and owners manage their team to enterprise standards. We’ve been working with our customers to design features that give them the insight and tools their businesses need while keeping the simplicity that makes Wire so easy […]

Zoom in on Screen Share and Video Calls

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3 May 2021

Have you ever wished you could more easily follow an important presentation on your mobile device? In our last blog post, we described a variety of improvements to boost productivity on Wire conference calls. Another highly requested feature is being able to zoom in during conference calls with screen sharing or video enabled. Especially when […]

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