Secure your work communication with end-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption has become the norm for consumer apps. Hundreds of millions of people use it daily to chat and call their friends.

Businesses, however, have been left behind. Many still rely heavily on email to send sensitive info about customers, projects, financials and R&D. Email is unsecure and open to phishing and malware attacks.

None of the popular work communication tools use end-to-end encryption, leaving the content of conversations and files that have been shared on the server — accessible to the service providers and hackers.

Wire is changing that. Now is the time to upgrade the security of business communication.

Wire’s secure business messaging solution is now out of beta and publicly available to everyone. This makes Wire the first open source, end-to-end encrypted messenger that offers secure chats, calls and file sharing for work and personal conversations while following strict European data protection laws.

Europe-based, GDPR-ready

Wire helps organizations to be prepared for the upcoming European Union General Data Protection Regulation that sets new rules on how organizations everywhere must protect the data of EU citizens they offer services to. GDPR takes effect on May 25, 2018.

With headquarters in Switzerland and servers in Germany and Ireland, Wire is perfectly placed to serve the needs of businesses with customers in the EU.

All chats, calls and files are protected with end-to-end encryption and Wire does not have the decryption keys. These are kept only on the devices of the Wire users. Any sensitive information businesses, non-profit organizations or academic institutions share during their day-to-day communication stay secure, no matter if it’s customer data, R&D, financial details or business plans.

In comparison, most other work communication providers are based in the United States, and don’t use end-to-end encryption to fully protect their customers.

wire compared to other services

Full details about Wire’s security and privacy, including the whitepapers, are on

Better control and support with a team account

Team accounts provide the owner full control over who’s part of the organization. Members can be removed completely when they leave. Only team owners can access billing details and delete teams.

Admins are the day-to-day managers of team members and their usage rights.

Team accounts get priority email support with a guaranteed response time of 24 hours during work days.

Your support is famous! It actually beats the premise we have regarding the support of our own company.

— A satisfied beta customer

The list of benefits for team accounts will continue to grow as we add premium features such as larger file size limits, optional archive and backup, and self hosted solutions — just to name a few.

Guests are welcome

Most organizations collaborate with external partners —service providers, consultants, contractors, future employees, and so on. With Wire it’s easy to invite guests into specific conversations to work together on a project, or conduct a hiring interview, and to remove the person when the time comes.

Guests can only access information related to the chats they are added to and can’t see the full list of team members or add and remove others. They are always clearly labeled as “Guest”.

Two in one — work and personal chats in one place

Wire is the first secure messenger that lets you log in to one app with multiple accounts. This means having work and personal conversations in the same place but neatly separated. You can also present one profile — name, picture and username — to colleagues and business partners, and a separate one for friends.

Notifications and incoming calls naturally show up from both accounts, so you’ll never miss a message.

For more info about Wire, its features, security and pricing visit

It doesn’t matter if you work in the government of the United Kingdom (and get your emails compromised by hackers), think you’re using encrypted email with Outlook (but you’re not), or trust your business data to one of the top business consulting companies (and they get hacked)— it’s time to upgrade the security of your business communication.