Simpler Privacy Policy, 72h log retention

January 11, 2017

Wire’s vision is to protect the digital privacy of people and organizations. Today we’re taking a big step towards further improving the privacy-related aspects of Wire by announcing a new, simpler Privacy Policy, a shorter log retention period, and an update to our transparency report.

A Privacy Policy for people, not for lawyers

As a privacy focused communications app our Privacy Policy has always been under tight scrutiny by the users, digital rights activists, journalists, information security experts and others.

A simpler, less jargon filled Privacy Policy is easier for everyone to understand and better answers questions about how Wire treats user data.

Read the new Privacy Policy.

This is not a data farm

Unlike most big competitors Wire is not in the business of collecting and selling people’s personal data. The data that we have is there only for technical reasons — to make sure your conversations stay in sync across devices, to detect fraud and spam, and to troubleshoot customer support issues.

Today we’re proud to announce that Wire will keep logs only for 72 hours and delete them afterwards permanently from the servers. Not “for the shortest possible time”, not for “as long as necessary” — 72 hours and it’s gone.

Data that we have is detailed in our privacy and security whitepapers to offer full transparency. We hope this inspires competitors to provide similarly detailed info.

The Wire team is always looking for ways to further reduce user’s data footprint. We’ve already identified certain areas where we can do even better and will announce next steps in a few months.

Finally, we’ve updated our transparency report and like in previous years we received zero lawful requests for user data in 2016.

We’re @wire on Twitter and always looking for feedback, questions and improvement ideas.

Alan Duric, CTO, co-founder

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