Wire appoints Juan Perea Rodríguez as General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer

We proudly announce the appointment of Juan Perea Rodríguez as General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer. With this addition to the top management, Wire reaffirms its strategic focus on business in the public sector and with regulated companies, especially critical infrastructure providers.

“Juan Perea Rodríguez is an inspiring leader with outstanding credentials in business development and corporate development,” said Alan Duric, Cofounder and CTO of Wire. “Wire’s strategic growth will be greatly facilitated by Juan’s IT industry experience, expansive network, and inclusive, value-driven leadership approach.”

Prior to joining Wire, Juan Perea Rodríguez worked for the Japanese IT company Fujitsu for more than 20 years, where he was most recently responsible for the business in Central Europe as Managing Director and Head of Sales, Consulting and Digital Transformation. He managed national and international service, transformation and digitization projects in the public sector as well as in manufacturing, logistics, transportation, financial and automotive industries. Perea Rodríguez is also a member of the board of Initiative D21, a network dedicated to promoting digitalization in Germany.

“In geopolitically uncertain times like these, the ability to communicate securely is essential – especially for the public sector and regulated companies. Wire offers its customers security and privacy without compromise – and is developed entirely in Germany. This creates transparency and digital sovereignty,” says Juan Perea Rodríguez, General Manager and CCO of Wire. “I’m looking forward to the upcoming challenge and to working with many inspiring colleagues.”

Wire offers its customers an end-to-end encrypted communications platform for audio and video calls as well as chat communications and secure data transfer. The solution can be used either cloud-based or, for increased security requirements, on-premise. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has already issued a clearance recommendation for Wire for the communication of content classified as VS-NfD (Confidential). Over 1800 organizations worldwide rely on Wire’s secure communications solutions, including governments, parliaments, law enforcement and investigative agencies, as well as companies and infrastructure providers in areas such as telecommunications or energy.

As the co-initiators and key contributors of the IETF Messaging Layer Security (MLS) standard, which is​​ about to be adopted, Wire is currently helping to lay the foundations for the future of secure communications and communications in general.