Messaging Layer Security to Lead a New Era of Collaboration

October 23, 2019

Beyond offering the most secure collaboration -Wire is actively leading the work on extending its security standards to become the norm for protecting organizations' digital assets.

Raphael Robert, head of security at Wire discusses the new era of secure group messaging at DefCamp in Bucharest, November 8th. The session will shed further light on the ongoing developments and progress of Messaging Layer Security (MLS).

What is MLS exactly?

Messaging Layer Security, or MLS for short, is a new protocol designed to facilitate more secure enterprise messaging platforms.

Initiated by Wire, along with Mozilla and Cisco, in 2016, the MLS working group under the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has come together with a vision of transforming enterprise communication, ensuring that now and in the future, platforms can be interconnected seamlessly and in a standardized way.

What it means for organizations

While a few personal messaging systems have adopted end-to-end encryption, corporate messaging has failed to follow. A majority of organizations are still heavily relying on email communication, a tool that has proven an open door to cyber threats with odds showing that businesses are as unlikely to avoid a malware attack as they are to pull an Ace of Spades from a shuffled deck in one try. This comes to show that at a time when information is the most valuable asset to an organization, a substantial blind spot still remains in using email –and this is what MLS strives to tackle.

"In the consumer space there are a few services with end-to-end encryption but in the business space it's very rare. That needs to change." Raphael Robert, head of security at Wire.

Many businesses also struggle with the risk of shadow IT, relying on their mobile apps to communicate internally and externally, and it's difficult to regulate. Personal communication styles transcend into the way employees collaborate in a work environment, using instant messaging across multiple devices to communicate, and most existing protocols never really took that into account. Since its inception, the people behind MLS wanted to address security across devices, being ready to integrate into messaging platforms, especially in large groups and organizations.

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If you are interested in learning more about MLS and the change Wire is bringing to the corporate work environment, contact us at to discuss speaking engagements or expert commentary.

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