Wire Named 2021 Best File Sharing Software by Digital.com

March 9, 2021

top 2021 file-sharing software digital.com

We are thrilled to announce that Wire is recognized as one of the top file-sharing softwares of 2021 alongside Box, Dropbox, Slack, and WeTransfer.

Researchers at Digital.com conducted a 40-hour assessment of over 60 softwares, looking at solutions that deliver added security through AES 256-bit encryption, which prevents data thieves from stealing valuable files, as well as being user-friendly and seamlessly integrating with frequently used apps and tools.

A secure way to share files across teams and with clients

Wire helps organizations overcome the security and productivity limitations of email and other file-sharing services. Our full end-to-end encrypted collaboration and communication platform extends its security to all features, including the exchange of documents.

Unlike others, no documents are kept or indexed on our servers in unencrypted form. This provides your files and messages with an extra layer of security. Each file and message is also encrypted with a unique key, so breaking one key does not give access to anything else. We put a lot of powerful functionality on your devices so that you can be more productive while remaining secure at all times and from anywhere. Seamlessly message, start an audio or video conference call, create groups, send and search files, set up guest rooms, and much more - all in one platform.

secure file-sharing

About Digital.com

Digital.com reviews and compares the best products, services, and software for running or growing a small business website or online shop. The platform collects twitter comments and uses sentiment analysis to score companies and their products. Digital.com was founded in 2015 and formerly known as Review Squirrel.

About Wire

Wire™ is the most secure collaboration platform, transforming the way businesses communicate at the same speed that our founders disrupted telephony with Skype. Headquartered in Berlin with offices in Switzerland and San Francisco, Wire’s award-winning collaboration and communications platform counts over 1,800 enterprise customers worldwide. Recognized by IDC, Forrester, and Gartner as one of the most secure collaboration platforms, Wire offers messaging, audio/video conferencing, file-sharing, and external collaboration - all protected by the strongest end-to-end encryption.

Try our secure file-sharing for free today. Simply create a team and start communicating and collaborating securely in minutes.

Looking for a walkthrough of our enterprise communication solution? Contact us today to learn how Wire fits into your organization.

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