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The escalating threat of cybercrime: why it’s time for a whole new security infrastructure

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10 September 2021

The full article was written by our Co-founder and CTO, Alan Duric and published in ITProPrortal on September 9, 2021 The global outbreak of Covid 19 and the resulting switch to online working and a new dependence on IT has seen cybercrime increase dramatically. According to research, UK businesses lost over £6.2 million to cyber scams this […]

Why We Need a New Security Infrastructure

All, Technology / Security
7 July 2021

The full article was written by our CEO, Morten Brøgger and published in German on on July 7, 2021 The turbulence of the past year has shown how vulnerable international systems can be to cybercrime and malicious actors. According to reports, cyber attacks have increased by more than 150 percent across Germany since the outbreak of […]

The three elements of a security-first architecture

All, Technology / Security
30 June 2021

The full article was written by our Co-founder and CTO, Alan Duric and published on on June 17, 2021 The upheaval of this past year has revealed how vulnerable global systems are to cybercriminals and bad actors. Cyberattacks have surged, with a reported 400% increase in attacks since the pandemic, and a 278% increase in leaked U.S. government records. However, […]

Fraudulent use of Wire

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21 June 2021

Our commitment to help you as an individual or your business and the process to follow so we can best support. The Problem Throughout the history of communication, fraud and scams have inherently been present. From phony telephone sales, pyramid schemes over ransomware, phishing emails to premium number fraud — criminals are as ingenious. The […]

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