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Proteus and MLS – How will secure communication change?

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27 July 2023

The rise in data breaches and cyber threats has made organizations increasingly aware of the need for more secure communication. With traditional communication methods such as regular cell service, email, instant messaging, or social media leaving sensitive information vulnerable, organizations want solutions that make privacy and security their prime concern. End-to-end encryption offers a solution […]

Wire welcomes the publication of Messaging Layer Security as RFC 9420

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18 July 2023

After years of intense standards development, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) officially published today Messaging Layer Security (MLS) as RFC 9420. MLS is the first global open standard for end-to-end encrypted communications and has been jointly developed by industry peers and academic institutions. Wire was an initiator of MLS in 2016 and has been […]

Open Letter to the British Government on the Online Safety Bill

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18 April 2023

As a provider of secure communication services, we stand with leaders in the industry to urge the UK Government to address the risks posed by the Online Safety Bill. The current draft of the Bill could compromise the privacy, safety, and security of every UK citizen and the people they communicate with worldwide. We believe […]

The escalating threat of cybercrime: why it’s time for a whole new security infrastructure

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10 September 2021

The full article was written by our Co-founder and CTO, Alan Duric and published in ITProPrortal on September 9, 2021 The global outbreak of Covid 19 and the resulting switch to online working and a new dependence on IT has seen cybercrime increase dramatically. According to research, UK businesses lost over £6.2 million to cyber scams this […]

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