Conversation timer to start an ephemeral chat

July 1, 2018

Conversation timer is a new optional setting in Wire group chats that deletes all messages as the timer runs out. This was a popular feature request after we launched timed messages.

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For many organizations it is reassuring to know that everything sent in a group conversation is set to expire automatically after a defined time. This helps companies to reduce the security risks, cost of electronic discovery, and data storage costs. According to a Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council 69% of corporate information has little or no business value [source].

Note that timed messages and conversations should be viewed as a hygiene feature, a simple way to do the housekeeping and keep chat histories clean. We don't recommend to use it as a security feature but rather only rely on it when dealing with trusted conversation partners.

We have also changed and extended the timer intervals to up to 4 weeks.

The conversation timer is available to all Wire users.

How to activate the timer?

  1. Open the conversation settings (tap or click on the conversation name)
  2. Open timed messages menu (it is sett "OFF" by default)
  3. Choose the timer length – from 10 seconds to 4 weeks

All messages sent into this conversation by any participants are now visible to others only for the set amount of time. Note that the timer starts for the receiver when they see the message on their screen, not when it's sent.

All participants in the chat can change the time period or switch the timer off. Others will be alerted about the change with an update message in the chat.

Visit our support site for more details about the conversation timer.

Update with the conversation timer is out now on Android and our desktop app. It will also be available on iOS shortly.

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