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February 1, 2019

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More often than not teams need to work alongside contractors, clients or suppliers. Sometimes temporary but sometimes long-term. Emails are becoming dated and private messengers have no place in business. The possibility to communicate securely and fast with externals without granting too much access, is of great value. Why not use the proven secure collaboration platform already in use and extend that to partners? Make use of instant messaging, video-conferencing and file-sharing to collaborate with partners – all under the same security umbrella.

Externals can now be invited to the team without granting them too much access. This is helpful when working with freelancers, or any other form of partners. For those, we have introduced a new user role in Wire Pro: Partners. These have less rights than team members but can easily find all team members and start 1:1 conversations with them. They can be added to group conversations by other team members but cannot create one or change its settings.

Roles can be changed in the People tab in the team settings ( to which admins and owners have access to. You can already assign the role of partner when inviting someone to the team. Visit our FAQs for more details on roles and rights.

Update 15/03/2019 - Partners are now only visible to those that are in same conversations and those that have been invited/invited the partner.

For partnerships that are rather short-term, Wire already offers guest access for members of other teams as well as guest rooms for easy collaboration with externals not on Wire.

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