Read receipts – see whether your message was read

January 2, 2019


Read receipts are now available on all platforms and devices!

What is it?

Read receipts show up under your message and indicate whether your message has been read by the other party.


Some messages are critical and time sensitive in nature - many of which warrant for a indication that the message has been delivered and read. Take for example a memo sent out to the team reminding them that the team meeting is postponed. A simple “read” would be acknowledgement enough that the message was received and seen.


Read receipts are visible in one-to-one conversations when both users have activated read receipts. Group conversations have their own settings in which read receipts can be activated.

If you are already a Wire Pro user, read receipts will, of course, not be enabled by default. New Wire Pro users will have read receipts on from the get-go. The same principle is used for existing and new groups.

The default settings for Wire Pro and Wire Personal are outlined in this chart.


Read receipts in one-to-one conversations are based on the individual settings of the users themselves. Note that if you have read receipts enabled for yourself but the other person in the conversation does not (or isn’t running the latest app-version), read receipts will not be visible in the conversation.

The read receipts functionality is available for everyone on mobile, desktop and web. Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of Wire. Or, if you don’t have Wire Pro yet, start a free trial.

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