Creating security by delivering what employees want

March 20, 2019

There are countless ways how hackers can reach employees through the often chosen standard communication channels using phishing, CEO spoofing, malware and ransomware. It’s important to understand that one affected employee easily leads to the entire organization being at risk. Using a company-wide secure collaboration platform is the simplest, most effective way to eliminate all of these threats.

The message from employees is clear: they want to move to modern collaboration tools and the desire to have the organization be more proactive with respect to how it deals with sensitive data is clear. Finally, extending this to external partners to reap the same efficiency from customers and partners, with the same level of security, is in high demand.

Create security by delivering what users want / Image 1

When looking for a secure solution to ensure stable and safe business communication, CEO’s can’t afford to just look at the easiest or most cost-effective channels. Dodging the responsibilites related to security can lead to any employee being hacked and in turn costing the company much more than thought to be saved with insecure, free software.

Create security by delivering what users want / Image 2

The future requires secure collaboration platforms with external extensions and integrations to streamline work processes.

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