Tidy conversations with timed messages

October 24, 2016

Today we’re introducing timed messages. They automatically disappear from conversations as the timer you set for them runs out.

wire timed messages

What are timed messages useful for?

Not everything we share is created equal. There are certainly moments we want to keep around and revisit days, months, or even years later. There are others that only make sense in a particular moment in time. That’s where timed messages come in. They are a great way to make sure what you’ve sent will only be available for a limited period. You’ll keep the chat history tidy and save space on your devices.

It’s also perfect for sending sensitive data like credit card details, login information, and other private matters. The messages will automatically disappear from the conversation once the timer runs out.

Timed messages work in every conversation on Wire and there’s no need to create a separate secret chat. You can set a timer for anything — text, pictures, videos, links, documents, even pings.

Update, Nov 14. 2016: Timed messages are now supported in group conversations as well.

Previous Wire versions will not be able to receive timed messages. People using older versions will not be able to see your timed messages so ask them to update Wire to enjoy this feature. Read the FAQ for more details on how timed messages work.

We find timed messages very useful and would like to hear about your experience—so, as always, we’re @wire on Twitter.

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