New Wire Subscription Packages!


Wire continues to provide teams with the most secure and user-friendly collaboration platform, including how teams can access our products and features. We’ve streamlined our subscription model to a simple tier system: Wire for Free, Wire for Enterprise, and Wire for Governments based on our users’ feedback. Wire will be retiring the old Wire Pro, Enterprise, and Red bundles.


By shifting to a simplified subscription model, we simplify user experience and access to the most secure collaboration. Especially in an environment where zero trust is becoming the new norm, we aim to expand access to our best-in-class security and privacy messaging platform. Teams can get to know Wire and its solutions at their own pace; as your business grows, so do your security needs. We’re here to help keep you secure every step of the way.


Securely share information with other people that aren’t in the same location 

Teams interested in using Wire for collaborative work will no longer be subject to a limited-time trial version. Instead, when they sign up to join Wire, they are automatically registered to Wire for Free and enjoy unlimited access to our core features like messaging, file sharing, team management, and 1:1 video and audio calling. Wire for Free users can still join calls with more than one other participant.

Wire for Enterprise lets an unlimited number of users enjoy large group conferencing, integration support, customer support, own-cloud or on-premises deployment. Wire for Free users can upgrade to Enterprise at any time.

Teams using Wire for Enterprise can downgrade to a free plan by contacting customer support. We are currently working on enabling free personal users that are not currently part of a team to upgrade to Enterprise. This possibility will be available in the coming months, so stay tuned!



Existing users

Existing customers on Wire Pro and Wire Enterprise contracts will be grandfathered into this new subscription model, meaning that the only thing that is changing is their subscription name, from now on Wire for Enterprise. Previously negotiated contracts will be kept as-is, both regarding negotiated payment and continued access to all features. Existing users will be affected as follows:

  • Customers on monthly, non-custom paying plans: keep their current price plans for the following 3 months. Migration to the new pricing begins on January 3, 2022; first invoice after this date will reflect new pricing.
  • Customers on yearly, non-customer paying plans: keep their current pricing until after January 3, 2022. For example, users that are invoiced on August 1 of each year will be charged the new price on August 1, 2022.
  • Trial users: once trial period ends, users will be presented with an invoice with new pricing and can choose to keep their rights as Wire for Enterprise users. If not, they are registered as Wire for free and can choose to upgrade at their leisure.



Our new pricing model is available in Euro, US dollar, or Swiss Franc.

Currency Monthly payment (per month/user) Yearly payment (per month/user)
EUR 8.00 6.80
USD 9.00 7.65
CHF 8.50 7.25