Video conferencing. End-to-end encrypted.

June 17, 2018

Wire becomes the first open source, end-to-end encrypted collaboration platform to offer secure video conferencing service.

encrypted video group call

Nothing beats talking face-to-face for efficient communication and bringing the team closer together. This is a challenge for modern organizations with remote teams, home offices, mobile workforce, and external collaborators.

The addition of video group calls gives organizations a GDPR-ready solution for all the internal and external communication that is protected with open source and independently audited encryption protocol.

“With the addition of video conferencing, Wire overtakes consumer apps by offering top-of-the line security, consumer-grade user experience, combined with the control and compliance of an enterprise solution.”

— Morten Brøgger, CEO, Wire

Video conferencing is available now on both on desktop and mobile for the business accounts at no extra cost.

Download the update on mobile, or restart Wire on desktop, to activate the feature.

One solution, one security for internal and external collaboration

Recently we have seen companies tackling their own internal struggles with non-compliant shadow IT in the wake of GDPR. We’re working hard to make Wire the best platform for all the day-to-day communication at work.

The launch of secure guest rooms in April was the corner stone to make it easy to include external partners in specific project conversations. Guest rooms support all of Wire features.

The addition of video conferencing means there’s another feature and use case now covered by Wire and its independently audited end-to-end encryption.

The creator of the video group call must be part of a team account. Participants can join using free, personal accounts, or as guests directly in their web browser with nothing to download or install.

Overcoming the technical challenges

Implementing end-to-end encrypted video conferencing has significant technical challenges. The video stream for each participant is separately encrypted with its own unique encryption key and then sent to a specific conference participant.

This increases CPU workload, which in turn affects battery usage. Separate video streams between each participant mean higher bandwidth requirements for sending and receiving video streams.

Hiding all the complexity from the end users while preserving the security Wire has become known for was no easy task. To guarantee an excellent experience we’ve limited the maximum number of participants to four while we continue to invest time into optimizing performance to increase the limit.

Group video calls are end-to-end encrypted, use the VP8 codec, QVGA at 15 fps. Calls requires up to 1Mbit/s bandwidth for optimal performance.

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